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*Fertilizer  *Weed Control  *Mowing  *Edging  *Aeration  *Aeration/Seeding *Pruning of Ornamental Bushes  *Mulch  *Pinestraw * Mosquito Control

Our Services

Our Services Include:

Free Estimates
No two projects are the same. We don't believe in one price fits all, because we won't skimp on your service. We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.

Fertilizer/Weed Control Treatments
Fertilizer and weed control services are our specialty.  We recommend a program of 8 applications per year plus a lime application.  They are spaced about every 6 weeks apart (with the exception of lime).  Your program includes pre- and post-emergents, fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, and FREE service calls between applications.  We also offer disease control at an additional charge if needed.

Mowing Services
We will maintain your lawn all year long according to your grass type recommendations.  We include scalping at the appropriate time.  Our services can be tailored to fit your needs on a weekly, bi-weekly, or one time service.

Flower Beds and Gardens
We maintain landscape beds keeping them free of weeds and debris.  We  can also put down mulch and pinestraw in landscape beds.  

Core Aeration
Core aeration improves the overall health and vitality of the lawn.  Over time lawns become compacted due to several factors including foot traffic, pets, drought, lack of water, and high temperatures.  Warm season grasses (Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine) should be aerated in the spring/summer since it is the growing season.  Cool season grasses (Fescue) should be aerated in the fall and it is recommended to put down seed to fill in the bare areas at the same time.

Lawns can look worn and thin due to lack of water, high temperatures, foot traffic, and pets.  Overseeding will help restore vitality.  Fall is the perfect time to overseed your cool season grass due to cooler temperatures.  Quality Cuts uses only the highest quality grass seed that is 99.9% weed free.  Aeration done at the same time will increase the soil contact for seeds.

Clean Up 
Hate raking leaves or hauling debris? Leave it to us. Reasonable rates! 

Mosquito Control

Enjoy your lawn without mosquitos.  We offer one time or monthly plans to control mosquitos.  


 *Fertilizer * Weed Control * Mowing * Edging * Landscape Beds * Clean Up * Mulching * Pinestraw * Pruning * Mosquito Control

Our guarantee to you is that you will be completely satisfied with our work.  If not we will redo it or work with you until you are satisfied.  No questions asked!



Quality Cuts is located in Dallas, Georgia.  We service most parts of Cobb, and Paulding County.